Just a few more from the photo shoot. (no more Dancing Gillie's :) )







We had a great time doing this on Saturday and Sunday, and I hope to do more this weekend if we have time. Want to try out the white backdrop and try a different technique to get Kona to show up better on a black backdrop.


SlapShotSal said...

That last picture, (Knock, knock) "Hey, Hello in there. Somebody in there?"

Grace said...

You and that camera take awesome pics!
The one of Kona and Gillian is pretty neat!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful baby!

A PY Friend!

Grace Volt

Nana said...

Casey, you are awesome! What beautiful pictures of Gillie!

Kellie said...

Great pics, Casey. :) I am so understanding why you are taking a million... been there, doing that!!! lol

Glad to read the walk for Jack went well. I have prayed for the little guy. Glad you and Heather could go for a bit.

Morgan said...

Wow, that one of Kona and Gillie is AMAZING. I think the black background up against her 'blackness' is waaaaay more dramatic than any other background would give. Especially with those piercing eyes.

GREAT photos of the bean!