Isn't that the truth.... :)

So this past week I started the South Beach Diet as most of you know, due to me tweeting about it. Monday through Wed were horrible. I had no energy and was very tired for those days. Thurs and today were pretty good. Energy level is not to bad and I feel pretty good. Have lost 6-7 pounds, wish that was more, and am not getting that hungry anymore. Next week is my last week of phase one and then I move into stage two. While I will be very happy to lose the weight, the doctor says it is not that important. Some but not all of the readers of this blog know that I lost a bunch of weight, 50-60 pounds in late 2005 early 2006. I started weight watchers at 237 pounds, I am 5' 11" and when I hit my goal I was 175-180, and was doing great. Then the flare up came, along with the prednisone. All that weight came back within months, and my hard work went down the toilet. So even though the doctor said losing weight is not that important, well it is to me. So I am going to get down to that weight, and eat better so I can live a long healthy(ish) life with Heather and Gillian.... Anyone who has done it knows how hard it is, but I have a great support here and also have Morgan as an inspiration ;) Wish me luck.

Last picture was of Gillian after bath with my camera phone. Well I tried to recreate it with my good camera.
It is still cute but not as cute as the first one. Why is it that you can never recreate and original piece of art? My favorite photography, Ansel Adams, has had some many people try and recreate his images and they just can't. They go out, same gear, same time of day, same day, same location, same everything, and fail. Is it because the artists vision transfers to his work in some way? Is it because it truly is an original and can never be duplicated? Whatever the reason Gillian is still the cutest baby I have ever seen, any picture is truly a piece of art to me. :)

Kona tried to eat this the other night....clearly she has forgotten that she foams up at the mouth when she tries to eat frogs as they don't taste very good. This little guy was a great model.


Everyone ready for Wii Fit??? I know we are.

Have a nice night, Heather and I are going to see Tim McGraw tomorrow night, so I will try and post a wrap up about that on Sunday.

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Kellie said...

Glad things are going well on the diet. I have been there with the weight loss myself and know how hard it can be. We just won't even go there on my first week on WW!!! I was not fun to live with!

That re-creation of Gillian was still cute... I know that first one is so stinkin' cute, but that little thing will bring a smile to anyone.

Have fun at Tim McGraw. I am sure it will be quite entertaining!!! :)