Ok so here is the story of the birthday party drink scandal.....Ok not so much of a scandal, as a poor customer service issue. I am not going to name the place, if my sister wants to post a comment of where it was, she can, but I am not going to post it. So everyone is having a good time, playing video game, bouncing in the bounce house, playing on the blow up obstacle course. We do that for I think an hour, maybe an hour in a half. After that the shuffle us into a room for cake and ice cream. In that room there is a fridge with drinks. NOW let me tell everyone up front, all of the adults knew that the drinks we only going to be provided for the kids. We were told we could buy them...although I did not see anywhere that we could... Ok, so one of the women working there just started telling everyone drinks were included after one of the adults were supervising the kids grabbing drinks. The adult said,"we were told this was only for the kids." The woman said no, they are included. So at that point everyone says ok, she works here she must no....well she didn't. My sister told her that she did not get the package that included drinks for everyone, and again I think she told her no, they were. So after they tell us we have to get out for the other party to come in, my sister goes to pay. He tells her she has to pay for 36 or something like that, drinks. She say, "umm...what? The woman in there says they were included?" He says nope, you should have known that. Well in a way my sister did, but the woman working at this place said it was ok, so she should know more then my sister. My sister complained, he said something about getting more trustworthy friends, and basically said this was the extra amount. Apparently the girl was new, so she really didn't have a clue. So that was it really, poor customer service.
I mean I know the guy has to make a living with his business and people probably try to do it all the time, but having at least 6 people witness the woman saying the drinks were included, and then say, "O maybe I was wrong." That is in my book, poor training and the customer got screwed on that. I know that her friends will not go back there because of this.
Ok, here is the video from the party. It is a little long and I can't find any place to link to download it, so just watch it. Tyler jogging on Wii Fit is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile :)

Tyler's Birthday Party from Casey Gavette on Vimeo.






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SlapShotSal said...

This is what happens when they "shuffle" you off, and let you fend for yourselves. There should have been someone in there handling your party.

Thought is was going to me more salacious, like kids getting behind the bar. :-)