Hello there! It's Heather updating the blog tonight. Casey has to work at Circuit City every night this week, so he probably won't have time to update for awhile. He told me that he put all the pictures from the weekend on the computer, so it was up to me to do the blog!

We had a very nice weekend. Grammie & Papa Gavette (Casey's parents) were here from NY. We had a pretty relaxing weekend and did not do a lot of running around, which was really great. The weather was nice over the weekend, so we enjoyed a little outside time. Gillie used to wear a hat all the time, but has recently discovered that she can pull her hat off, so that's what she does now!
Katie (Gillie's cousin) was very excited to see Gillie over the weekend. Katie is used to seeing Gillie everyday, but had been in NY with Grammie & Papa for the past 3 weeks. She seemed to miss Gillie! Gillie was also excited to have Katie back...no one makes silly noises quite like Katie does! Katie helped out over the weekend by feeding Gillie.
We went out to breakfast at IHOP on Sunday morning. We had a little bit of a wait, so we snapped a few pictures. Here is one of Grammie with her girls, Katie & Gillie. Also, a couple of Gillie in Daddy's Pats hat.
You might be able to tell from some of the pictures that Gillie now has 4 top teeth! They have not come down all the way yet, but you can really see them. Those darn teeth really seem to bother her sometimes. We're wondering if she's working on some more as she keeps jamming her fingers into her mouth. Gillie is so close to crawling! She has been getting up on her hands and knees for awhile now. She will also get up on her hands and toes (see picture). She just recently started going from a sitting position to on her belly. She moves all over the place by pivoting on her belly, and scooting backwards, but just is not crawling yet.
So, I think that is the update for now. If I've forgotten anything, Casey will just have to add it! One more picture of Gillie before I end. She just looked so cute in her bib overall shorts!


SlapShotSal said...

Well, at least someone is updating this blog. Thought the next pictures would be from her graduation. :-)

Very cute pics.

Morgan said...

Lol...and when the crawling starts, there is NO stopping her! She will be everywhere at once. Quite a fun age. Of course, they are all fun ages. Just ask Sal--he's loving the pre-teen 'tween' stage we're in with Cassie right now. Emotional highs and lows with alot of drama thrown in.....ah, he just loves it. : )
Glad to hear you all are ok. Wanted to see you last week, but my builder kept me hoppin' going here and there and everywhere!

Nana said...

What's that cat growing out of the left side of her head in her bib coveralls?

My friends are starting to hassle me at work b/c you haven't been keepng up with the blog! What's the problem here? Just because you both have new jobs and are busy entertaining parents doesn't give you license to be slackers!

Grandad says she looks like she's doing the "Gilad" exercises he does every morning! She should have great core muscles! If I were you, I'd be counting my blessings that she isn't motoring yet! I remember her mama walking at 9 months!!!

Can't wait to see y'all!

Kellie said...

Glad for this update! I have missed seeing pics of little Gillian!! I hope Casey is doing alright with his new position in Sanford as well as CC. Glad y'all had a great weekend!!!