It's Heather updating again. Casey has actually been home with us all weekend (Yay!), but he said I should just go ahead and update the blog. There won't be too much updating though, as we haven't really done anything exciting!

We spent Saturday morning doing some cleaning around the house. I got out my fall decorations, which I love. I don't have nearly enough, but I still love to see them around the house. Fall is my favorite season. I miss fall in NY. Don't get me wrong, the weather here in NC this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous, but it still doesn't feel like fall. Saturday evening Casey and I went to dinner at Carrabba's. It was yummy and we had a nice time together. We rarely go anywhere without Gillie anymore, and while we love every single second we get to spend with her, it was still nice to have some "couple" time. Besides, Gillie had a lot of fun with Aunt Karlee and cousin Katie, as evidenced by the "dancing" video I am posting. (We really think she is "dancing" when she shakes her head like that. She does it whenever she plays with her little radio toy. Isn't she too cute!!).

Untitled from Casey Gavette on Vimeo.

This morning we ran some errands. Gillie was a trooper, as usual, but she did let us know that our shopping was cutting into her lunch time, so we ended up rushing a little bit at the end of grocery shopping. Gillie has started trying some Stage 3 foods, which have some chunks in them. She had some chicken with pasta today. She's not really sure about the texture, and sometimes will just sit there with her mouth wide open, like she's not sure what to do about those chunks sitting on her tongue! She did better today, and you could see her actually chewing a little bit. She's had bananas before, and did fine chewing them. We got her an avocado to try today, too. I think that will be a good soft food for her to try. There has not been a food that Gillie has rejected so far! She did not like peas the first time she had them, but then ate them no problem the next time I gave them to her. She's a good little eater!

I'll go ahead and post some pictures now. They are just some pictures from over the weekend. Hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend!

Gillie playing:

Reesie is not too sure about sharing her toys with Gillie:


Gavette's Blog said...

Geez Honey, you are getting good at this, I may not have to update the blog again.... :)

Kellie said...

Awww.. that is too cute! I love the picture of Gillian with Reesie. lol

Glad she is doing so well eating... I know those textures can throw them, but she'll get used to it. :)

Sounds like you and Casey had a great time. I agree with you on the couple time... it is so necessary and needed. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to find it when the kids come along. lol :)