Hello again, it is Casey. I know been a long time since I have written anything on the blog. Been pretty busy, so if this doesn't get updated as regularly as it used to, please bare with us. I try to take a lot of pictures of Gillian, and videos I try and put up here as soon as I get them. Pictures are on flickr, so look there if the site has not been updated. If you don't have access to my flickr private albums, please let me know with an email of who you are and I will send you an invite. (casey3477@gmail.com) Ok enough of that...

So like I said before, I am super busy which is why when this sites gets updated, it has been Heather the last few times, thanks hun. Still working at Circuit City, which right now is driving me crazy. We have a new district manager who is pretty nice, and is trying to make some changes...be them good or bad.... I asked a few weeks ago to cut my days, not hours, but just the amount of days I work in a week. Right now I am working 5 days a week there, and 5 a week with my full time job. It is a lot. Don't get me wrong the extra money is nice to have, I am just getting burned out. Would love to work Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sun. Could get 20 hours in there easy. Yesterday I told my manager I need to cut my hours, because I have so much to do with my new/old job and I got approved for OT. Kind of hard to do when you have to leave at 3 everyday to come home, try and spend a little time with Gillian, eat a snack, and then go off to CC. So we'll see what happens with that. If it does not look like anything has changed when the next schedule comes out, I may be short timing it there...
New job is going pretty good. The first week I was a little overwhelmed due to the amount of stuff there was to do, but I think I am starting to find some order in the chaos that was left behind from Scott :) J/K We started building new machines last week, yes I got dropped in just in time for new builds....let me tell you, I used to love new builds, this one....not so much. Just a lot different then I remember it, and I will leave it at that.
This weekend Heather's Mom and her Husband Dan came for a visit, this is them when they got married:
Heather's Mom just started doing Pampared Chef again, and had a party here on Saturday. Was not a huge party, but everyone seemed to have a good time. I heard the food was good, but it had a lot of stuff I am not suppose to eat...maybe next time ;)
Sunday we all go up and went to the farmers market to get,
Yep, we picked out pumpkins as a family for the first time. It was a great day out, and we all had a good time walking around. Heather and I decided we are going to take an idea from Kellie and paint or pumpkins this year. We got Gillian some finger paint, and next weekend we are going to let her go crazy on it. I am still not sure if I am going to paint one, or carve something. Need to have Scott show me how to make an image into something you can carve. I think that would be fun.

Gillian is really moving around now. She is crawling all over the living room. Have only ventured out onto the hardwood a few times, and usually when she gets there, she just thumps it :) It is pretty cool to come home and have her crawl over to you :)
Well I see my Sox are losing pretty bad, so I am going to go to bed. Mind you I am not giving up on them, it is only the top of the 6th....
Have a good night.


SlapShotSal said...

Great pictures with Gillian at the market.

The little farmers market here had no pumkins. :-(

BTW, you can't leave CC until I get back and get stuff for the new house. :-)

Kellie said...

Those pictures of Gillian with the pumpkins are just too cute!! I am so glad you are going to let her do the tradition of painting her pumpkins. You'll love it!!!!

I am sure you are quite weary with all you have been working! Don't listen to Sal... he's only using you. hee hee

Morgan said...

Yeah, what Sal said (about CC).

I love the photos of Gillian with the pumpkins. And finger paint? Get out your garden hose for the 'hose her off' fun afterward!!!! That'll be a great pumpkin. And b/c it won't be carved into, it'll last well into Thanksgiving time!

Hope you guys are doing well!!!