Okay, so I'll post about the new t.v. (it's Heather). Casey and I decided to rearrange the living room on Saturday afternoon in preparation for the Christmas tree. This somehow ends up being an issue every year. I think it's because we have never really liked the set-up of our living room. Our living room is sort of long and narrow, and there is only one full wall. The remaining walls have some sort of doorway (opening into hallway, opening into dining room, sliding glass door to the backyard). We have always had the t.v. on the full wall, because Casey INSISTED that is where it had to be. Any suggestion made by myself or someone else to move the t.v. from that wall was immediately shot down. The previous t.v. was big (it was a 51" rear projection t.v.) and that wall had the cable hook-up. So, on Saturday we were once again debating on how to move the furniture. This time was also a little different in that we had to consider Gillian and the safest set-up of the furniture. I once again suggested that we try moving the t.v., and was met with a little resistance. I must say that Casey was willing to try this time, though, and actually unplugged the t.v. and moved it to where I wanted it. He was not thrilled with it, though, and I asked what would make him be willing to leave it there. His response was a new t.v. He said that the t.v. had always been a little too big for our living room. So, we decided to look at t.v.'s to see what we could find. Casey found one that he liked and we went to Best Buy to purchase it. It's a 46" t.v. and fits nicely on our coffee table (which had been pushed up against a wall anyway to free up more crawling/playing space for Gillian).

Here's a picture of it:

We got the t.v. on Friday. On Saturday, Casey discovered that Circuit City had the t.v. for less. Best Buy does price matching, so they credited us the difference, so we got the t.v. for even less, which was a nice little surprise. I guess the t.v. is our Christmas gift to each other (and birthday gifts for next year, too!).

I just have to add one more picture. Here's Gillie helping us clean up after rearranging the room. She is so interested in the vacuum cleaner!


Th3Guns1ing3r said...

Y'all should consider mounting it on the wall. We replaced my 57" projection tv with a 46" LCD, and it cleared an enormous amount of space in the room by putting it on the wall. We had it above the fireplace in the old house, and between two windows in the current house. If you go that route, scour the net for mounts. I bought mine at wolfcamera.com for 1/4 of the price at Best Buy.

Kellie said...

The TV looks great!! I'm sure it does free up a lot of space for you. :) Good that you listened to Heather, Casey... hee hee

Morgan said...

WOW, a guy who agreed to go from a bigger tv to a small one....how does that happen??? Heather, I'm gonna have you make that same "suggestion" to Sal. I would love to see that behemouth (sp?) of a box out of our living room.....and would LOVE to have it on the wall, gunslinger. But he's not into that...yet....

Kellie said...

Casey... just saw on your Twitter that you were at the Apex parade, too!!! Would have loved to have run into you all!! (of course... there were a ton of people... lol)

Maizrim said...

She got a Dyson! hehe

I have been meaning to email you about our get together. Hopefully we can find time before the end of the month.

Also wanted to say great pictures as usual, and I think we have the same exact baby stuff. Gwyn has the same stroller (hers is orange) and the blanket is almost identical to the one someone made for us. :)