Christmas Tree!!!
This is the tallest tree we have had since moving into our house. It is about 9 1/2' tall. It is pretty skinny which is what we wanted. Found it in about 5 min. We get our tree from that same place every year at the Farmers Market, Jennings. Not sure if they have a website or anything, but we have had their trees for years now, and they have been awesome.
This is Gillian's first ornament from our friends Scott and Mandy:
and these are some from last year that we get waiting for Gillie to arrive:

We are so excited for Gillian's first Christmas. Can't believe it is almost here.
As soon as I get my wide angle lens back from Missy, I will take a picture of the outside of the house. It looks pretty good this year.

Random camera phone picture of Gillie....yeah I know, but it was all I had and she is till cute :)


Kellie said...

Love the ornament pics!!!! Your tree is really pretty! Can't believe how tall it is! lol

SlapShotSal said...

Very nice tree.

A live tree and a cat. Why is the tree shaking? :-)

Morgan said...

Oh I love these ornament shots you and Kellie do. So warm and pretty!
I say we got tree shopping together next year!!! ; )

I can imagine Gillian looking up at that first tree of her in so much wonder! I remember seeing the lights in Cassie's eyes...such gorgeous moments you are in for over the next month! Drink them in!!!!