Hi all! It's Heather posting today. There's not a whole lot to report. We have had a pretty nice weekend. It was pretty low-key, which is good. We went and did some Christmas shopping on Friday night, so we're pretty much done with that. I wrapped presents that night, too. I love wrapping presents!! We stayed home all day yesterday and did some stuff around the house. Casey spent the day waiting for the Direct TV person to show up (he did help with the cleaning while waiting!). They did not end up coming out yesterday, but did come first thing this morning. They ended up putting some cement in the hole that the pole is in. Apparently they usually do this during the initial installation, but didn't have any with them that day. It was rainy and windy on Thursday, and the tv went out. They decided the dish was probably moving. Anyway, hopefully it is fixed now! Today we did some grocery shopping. That is about it. I have one more week of work and then 2 full weeks off, which I'm really looking forward to! Casey will work through next Tuesday and then will be off for the rest of the year, so we'll get lots of family time!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Future gamer (her daddy is so proud!)

Daddy took away the remote

Wearing a little Christmas outfit




Kellie said...

Sweet pics! Glad Casey got his Directv fixed. :) Too funny with Gillian and the remote!!!

SlapShotSal said...

What a face Gillian is giving when she is not happy. Can see a quivering lip thing going on. :-)

Glad the DirecTV is fixed. Spoke so highly of it and then you have trouble the first week. :-(

Morgan said...

ahhhh, the quivering lip. Works everytime....still works on Sal. Not only from Cassie but from me too! ; )