Today is a snow day! We woke up to snow this morning, and both the school system and Caterpillar were closed, so we all stayed home today. They originally predicted 2-4 inches, but we ended up with about 6 1/2 inches. For those of you who live up North, we know this is a little amount and probably not a big deal, but in North Carolina, this is a huge deal! They actually closed the majority of schools in this area last night before it had even started snowing! It snowed until around 2pm. It's supposed to stay cold tomorrow, so I guess the snow will stick around for at least another day. It's absolutely beautiful! This is Gillian's first snow, so we bundled her up and took her outside. Of course, she has no snow pants and no boots, but we did alright. She wasn't really sure what to think of it, and we didn't get our usual smiles while outside! Of course, it probably didn't help that she did a face plant in the snow right after we got outside! We only stayed out there for about 20 minutes, but did take some pictures. For those of you in the area, hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!

Our backyard:

Our street:

Gillie in the snow:

Immediately after the face plant:

Making a snow angel:

Kona playing with Elana:

More Kona:


Nana B said...

I think y'all should publish a book with some of your beautiful pictures in it. Snow angels (angles?), kona....

Lisa said...

i think Gillie and i were making some of the same faces today outside in the snow

Kellie said...

I remember Wesley and Mikayla at this age... took us longer to dress than they stayed outside. They cried a lot so it was not the most exciting. lol :) It looks like Gillie enjoyed herself a bit more than they used to do. :)