1-21-2009: Happy Birthday Gillian!!!

At 12:16 today, one year ago, we welcomed Gillian Marie into our lives. Things started off a bit rocky with her, coming 5 weeks early and spending 2 weeks in the hospital, but she made it home after that. We should have known from the start that she was going to be a little troublemaker :)
Both Heather and I are absolutely amazed on how fast this year went by. Heather is a little sad she is turning 1, and is not a "baby" anymore. I just think it is one year closer to her playing hockey :)
Thank you to all of you who have shared our lives this past year, and have been apart of Gillie's. It has meant a lot.


(I don't see any difference... :) )


Kellie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gillie! I remember that day well.. I kept checking your blog from school to see when she had arrived. It is amazing how quickly the years fly by when you watch your children grow. Tell Heather she will ALWAYS be her baby... I still think of my almost 9 year olds that way!!!

Elana said...

Happy Birthday Gillian! Amazing how fast a year goes by. Before you know it she will be 16, can't wait to see Casey go through that. Don't blink because every year flies by just as fast as this year did.

Nana B said...

Happy Birthday Gillie Bean!!!

SlapShotSal said...

Where did the year go? I remember getting a text from you about a baby and figuring it was a joke. :-)

So, Happy Birthday Gillian!!!

Morgan said...

Happy Birthday, Gillian!!!!! I loved the birthday 'smash' cake video. We had to hose Cassie down in the bathtub after hers.... What fun!!!