Hi there. Just thought I would do a quick post tonight. Gillie had her 12 month check-up this afternoon. Everything went fine. She weighs 25 pounds, 14 ounces (97th percentile) and is 30 1/4 inches tall (84th percentile). So, her weight has stayed about the same, as far as that she continues to be in the 95th+ percentile. She has really gotten tall, though...she's always been in like the 50th percentile for her height. She had to have her toe pricked to get blood to check lead and iron levels, and she also had to get one shot. As always, Gillie was a little trooper, and didn't cry at all. She waved to the receptionist, the nurse, and the doctor. She babbled away during the exam. So, she continues to be a healthy little one. We're so thankful for that, especially given her rough start. That's our little preemie...in the 97th percentile for weight!:)

I find myself continually amazed at all Gillie has learned and continues to learn. It just happens so quickly. The motor stuff is amazing...that she is standing up and cruising around now...that she can use a pincer grasp to pick up little pieces of food, etc. It's also amazing to me how much she understands. Like if you say to her "clap your hands" without giving her a model, she knows what to do and will do it. Or if you ask her "Where's Kona?" she will usually go the sliding glass door to look for Kona, or will respond "woo woo" (woof woof). My job requires me to be knowledgeable of typical development in a child (specifically in the area of speech/language), but it's just neat to watch it with my own child. It's amazing to think of the transformation in the past year!

Gillie's birthday was pretty low-key yesterday. Since she already had birthday cake at her party on Saturday, I made her some cupcakes and she had one after dinner. I think it was still a little too sweet for her, as she made some funny faces! Cousin Katie came over to watch Gillie open her presents, and then Gillie got to play with her new toys for a little while. I still can't believe that my little baby girl is now a year old! What a year it has been! Being a mother has been the most fulfilling role for me. I never imagined how much I would love that little girl, or how much joy she would bring me. I mean, I always knew I wanted to be a mother and have children, but I did not truly understand how deep those feelings would be. I find myself appreciating the little things in life a lot more now. My favorite moments are when Casey and I can just BE with Gillian. Not when we're going somewhere, but when our little family is just spending time together at home. Anyway...thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Gillian! Now here are a few pictures:

Eating a birthday cupcake:

Opening presents:

Playing with her new "Little People" house:


SlapShotSal said...

From 5 weeks "premie", to good and healthy. Taller then mom and dad by her teenage years?

Nana B said...

I'll bet she was checking everything out for those little buttons to push that make little noises happen! :)

Kellie said...

Sounds like she is doing so well. :) I totally understand Heather's thinking of just wanting to BE with your children/family. I feel like that often. :)