Hello there! Casey already posted a very cute picture of Gillie (not that I'm biased or anything...ha ha!), but just thought I would post a few more from today. We had a very laid back Saturday...I would even go so far as to say that we were lazy today! I sat and watched tv for a little bit this afternoon while Gillie napped, which I don't usually do. I'm usually running around trying to do laundry and clean up while she's napping, but I just needed a little break today, I guess! Casey napped while Gillie napped! We did manage to get out for a little walk today, so I just wanted to post a couple of pictures from our walk. Casey walked Kona, and she behaves so much better when he walks her. She will actually walk on the sidewalk in between Casey and the stroller. With me, she tugs the whole way! Guess she knows who the pushover is!:) Anyway, because Kona was walking so nicely, Casey gave Gillie the end of the leash to hold on to (he was still holding it as well). She held on to that leash for the entire walk, and just kept looking at Kona. It was cute. Also, notice the very adorable hat that Gillie is wearing in the pictures. I started crocheting this hat over Christmas, and was really just playing around with a pattern from a book my mother-in-law had given me. My mom finished the hat while here for Gillie's birthday party, and it turned out really cute! So, it was a joint effort by my mom and me!



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