Hi there! It's Heather posting today. This will just be a quick post, as I need to get things organized for tomorrow...back to work! We're not too thrilled to be going back to work tomorrow, and I think both Casey and I will really be missing Gillie tomorrow! Oh well-we had a great holiday and vacation together.

I'm going to post a few pictures of Gillie in her new toy bin. Since Gillie acquired new toys for Christmas, the old toy bin was not cutting it anymore. So, we bought a shelf type thing with several plastic bins on it. We quickly found out that was not the best idea for right now...Gillie almost pulled it over on herself, and insisted on pulling the individual bins out, and was hitting her head and falling on them. So, we returned that, and just went with a couple of small canvas bins to put the toys in. They have worked out well. The other night Gillie climbed into the bin to get a toy, and ended up sort of "lounging" in the bin. It was cute, but then she got mad when she couldn't get back out!!

Climbing in the bin:

Found what she was looking for (is she her father's daughter or what!!):

Getting comfortable:


Hope that everyone had a good weekend!


Nana B said...

That is great! I love it. Too bad you didn't capture it on video...probably could have won you a couple thousand!

Lisa said...

i love this series of pictures!