Ok so yesterday I lost my job, let's just get that out of the way. I was not alone, 47 others who work contract for Caterpillar in NC also lost there jobs. This was nothing personal to any of us, it is just very tough times for everyone these days, and without being very political...I hope the new administration fixes it soon.
I really want to say is thank you to Caterpillar/Manpower for letting me keep my job this long. I have seen good friends go though other lay offs, and I have stayed. I had to leave when Marcus died, a month after I started and they did not bat an eye about me leaving. I have had two major surgeries that required a long recovery time, and they did not let me go. I learned so much in the last 11 years there, and made so many good friends who I will keep in touch with forever. I have worked with many great people while I was there, and I will never forget what they taught me. I am not bitter in anyway towards Cat or Manpower, as I said before this was not personal.
Heather and I can not stress enough the overwhelming support from our friends and famlies. We will be fine though. I want to make sure everyone knows that. As my mom said to me last night, "you both have been through some pretty awful times, and it made you stronger." This will make Heather and I stronger, and I know it.
I loved working there and have at times wanted to leave for some reason, be it I was bored in my current position, or just did not like it, but I never did. Maybe this was the kick I needed. Right now I ahve a few friends looking over my resume to make sure it is up to 2009 standards, come on I have worked at CAT for 11 years, I am sort of out of "the know" :) Once I get it back I will be sending it out, and hope something works out. I am sure it will. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week or even next month, but it will.
Most of you know I am not a very religious person, but I believe in a higher power. I am not so sure I believe things happen for a reason, of that if I want something bad enough it will happen, but I do believe in hard work, and stretching my legs a bit to get what I need. I always believe in Karma, and I should have known better to give my buddies a hard time about the Steelers on Sunday night, just bad timing on my part :)
So let me say thanks again for the support, and even though I am not very religious, praying for us can't hurt, right ;)

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Kellie said...

I have been and will continue to pray for you and Heather. Steve and I have been in your shoes when the kids were about Gillian's age. Steve lost his job right after Sept. 11 and he was out of work for 4 months. The Lord saw us through that and I look back now at times and am still in awe of what He did. We never went without what we needed. I realize you say you aren't "religious" but check out my blog tonight. There is a verse I want you to read.

I know we've never met in person, but I consider you a friend. If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask.