Today was Gillie's first swim class. It was a lot of fun, and Gillie really seemed to enjoy it! She was splashing and kicking away! Every once in awhile, she would just dunk her face in the water, which was funny. I think there are about 10 "tots" in the class total. There is quite an age range. I think the class is up to 3 years old, and I know one baby was 5 months old, and there were definitely some that were closer to 3 years old. Gillie did some kicking while on the tummy and some kicking while on the back. We sang "The kids in the pool" (sung to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus"), which was fun. Gillie liked when the kids go "up and down" best I think. We also played with some floaty toys and threw them away from us and had to "swim" to get them. Gillie also got to practice getting out of the pool (with a lot of lifting by me!) and waiting until the count of 3 to be lifted back into the pool. So, it was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to having class for another 5 weeks. It will be Daddy's turn in the water next week! It was nice that Nana was still here this morning, and was able to watch Gillie's swim class, too.

Here are a few pictures from today's class. Unfortunately, I'm in all the pictures, too! Nothing like bathing suit pictures to get you motivated to lose the rest of the baby weight! Gillie sure looks cute, anyway!


Nana (my mom) was here for the week. We had a really nice visit with her. I worked most of the week, but my mom was able to spend lots of time with Gillian, which was great. I'll just share one cute story from the week. We've tried to teach Gillie a few basic signs (more, drink). Nana decided to teach Gillie to sign "please" (which is an open palm making a circular motion on your chest). Gillie picked up on it right away...and rubbed NANA'S chest/tummy whenever Nana said "please" instead of her own! It was very cute!

Mommy, Gillie & Nana

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Nana B said...

I was thinking about how the swim instructor said that instinctively babies use their crawling motion in the water. That explains why Gillie would put her face in the water, because when she's crawling she puts her head down and forges ahead full force! Gosh I miss her so much already! :(