Hi there. I'm just going to post a few pictures from Gillie's swim class today. I posted quite a few last week, so I will probably just post a couple today. Gillie had a wonderful time again today. She kept putting her face in the water! Half of the class did not show up today, so we had a small class, but it was nice. Very quiet and calm. We practiced the same things from last week, and then added using a kick board today. Of course, at Gillie's age, it is sort of just playing around with it. She held it the right way a couple of times, though. Casey decided he didn't want to swim today, so I got back in the water with Gillie (which I didn't mind at all!).

Casey is off to Wilmington for the rest of the weekend. He's getting together with some friends from college, which I think he will really enjoy. He needs a fun weekend (not that hanging out with me and Gillie is anything less than a complete blast! Ha ha!). We'll see if he remembers to do his "post of the day" from his phone today! Anyway, Gillie and I are just having a relaxing day at home...she's now sleeping, and I am going to go do some cleaning. We'll have dinner tonight with some of our neighbors, which will be nice.

Okay, here are some pictures. Hope you are all having a nice weekend!





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Nana B said...

oooooh...she wore her bikini today!
Better now than 16 years from now!