Hi there! I guess it's been a couple of days since we "wrote" an update on the blog. Not that much has happened this week, so there won't be too much to tell! Casey has applied for a few jobs, so we're hopeful that his unemployment will be very temporary...especially because Casey is the kind of person who will go crazy staying at home! I'm keeping him busy with errands and little jobs around the house, though!:) We are trying to stay positive about the whole situation, though, and we certainly appreciate the care and support we have received from our friends and family.

Yesterday was Katie's 10th birthday. It's amazing that she is 10 years old! We went over for her birthday party last night. It was a very nice time, and she had yummy cookie cake! We also tried to take a few "formal" 1 year old pictures of Gillie yesterday. It just gets harder and harder...that girl does not want to be still! I think that's why she takes such good naps and sleeps through the night...when she is awake, she is on the go! I'm going to post a few of those pictures. Today, Gillie, Kona and I went for a nice long walk with our friend, Elana. Casey and I took Gillie to the park for a little while. She went on the swings, but seemed a little unsure of it. She did enjoy watching the other kids run around. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this weekend, so it was nice to be outside.

Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot yesterday:

This is "Lambie"...Gillie's "lovie" that she snuggles with:


Nana B said...

Seems like she always has her jaws flappin' too, just like her mama and great-grandma! They are BEAUTIFUL shots. You should send some of them to Pop. Jimmy and Michelle did an awsome job with the props! :)

Kellie said...

Those pics are sweet... my favorite is the last one with her "lovie." Wesley and Mikayla have lovies and still LOVE them. lol Wesley says he is taking his to college. He probably will. lol :)