Hi there! I just thought I would do a quick post...I think everyone really comes for the pictures, though! Here's an update anyway! We have had a "sick" week here at the Gavette residence. Casey started not feeling well Sunday night. He was coughing and had a sore throat. On Tuesday, he started running a fever. We tried to keep him away from Gillie, but on Wednesday morning, she woke up coughing and running a fever as well. She continued to have a fever on Thursday, so we took her to the doctor. It's just a bad cold that has to run it's course. I came home from work early on Wednesday, and stayed home from work on Thursday, to take care of Gillie and Casey. Of course, I started running a low grade fever and coughing as well! I seemed to end up with a milder version of the cold, though. Gillie has been fever free since Friday around noon, but continues to cough and have a runny nose. She was really in good spirits until today. We don't think she got a very good night's sleep due to the coughing and she was just having meltdown after meltdown today. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight and be back to normal tomorrow! Casey was doing better yesterday, but woke up today with a sore throat and no voice! I guess he shared his sickness with Gillie and she returned the favor by getting him sick again?:) Gillie ended up missing her swim class this morning, which was a little disappointing. She only has 2 classes left now. It has been cold and rainy here, so we spent the day hanging out at home. Hopefully everyone will be healthy again by the end of the weekend! Hope that everyone else is staying healthy!

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Kellie said...

I'll pray that y'all feel better soon. We had that "crud" a month or so ago and it is NO fun. It's definitely been a good weekend to stay inside!