As most of you know from my twitter account, I got offered a job yesterday. I interviewed on Thurs, was told they would let me know by next week, and got an offer around lunch time yesterday. I am super excited about it, but also nervous as hell. I worked for CAT for 11 years and had a very nice comfort zone. This will be a lot different, and take me awhile to get used to. I will be doing design work, possibly some IT also, as it is a smaller company. Pay is a little bit more then I was making before at CAT, but the benefits are awesome. I was contract with CAT and this position is direct. I don't want to say the company name yet, but it is local and about a 20 min commute. My start date it June 8th, so another 2 weeks home. I am going to miss spending time with Gillie. I think I might have gone into some pretty bad depression if I didn't have her. I think being home with her for these 3 months has made me a better father to her, and the time we have on the weekends and at night will be more special.


Chris said...

That is totally awesome, Gavette!

Kellie said...

How wonderful, Casey!! I just got around to seeing this! Yay!!! I'll continue to pray that everything goes smoothly!