Gillie in the Sandbox from Casey Gavette on Vimeo.

Gillie got this sandbox when my sister moved back to NY. They did not have room and thought Gillie would enjoy it. Well she does :)
So a lot has gone on this past week, well actually 3 pretty big things; My Sister, Brother-In-Law, Niece and Nephew moved back to NY, I had my first full week of work, and I did not see Gillie throughout the day for this first time in 4 months. Well one out of three isn't bad...right?

So I guess I did not really want to talk about my sister moving back since I knew it would upset me. I have been in the same area as them since 1997. I lived with them for the first 2 1/2 tears of my Nieces life. We have been through a lot of good times, and a lot of bad times. I am going to miss them dearly, but I do understand why they had to move. It was best for their family right now. I could write a lot more about it, but I know about 6 women that would probably cry after reading it, so I am not going to. We love you guys and miss you, can't wait until you get the web cam so we can see each other more.

My first week of work in over 4 months....man was that rough.... Before anyone of you think I got to sleep in till 10 everyday, let's just stop right there and let me tell you how it went. I got up by 7ish every day to get up with Gillie. Heather usually got her up right after she got out of the shower, and changed her diaper. I then took her downstairs and fed her breakfast and got her going while Heather finished getting ready. So no sleeping in for me. I usually got to sleep in a little bit on the weekends, but not during the week. So getting up and moving was not the hard part, just being out of the house, in khakis and a nice shirt, sitting in an office all day and not seeing Gillie, that was the hard part. Other than that, it was a good first week. They have me moving at a pretty fast pace, which is fine by me. Learning the product and getting to know all the people. I know it will take me time to adjust to the company, but I will get comfortable there. It really does seem like an awesome place to work.

Now about not getting to see Gillie all day....it sucks..... :(

BTW, Sensus is the company that I am working for, in case I did not mention it.
(Picture of the day to be posted later, still uploading it)

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Karlee said...

I knew she would love it! We love you guys and miss you too.