So today myself and about 30,000 other people, including Kellie and Missy, participated in the Sckott Kelby's 2nd Annual World Wide Photo Walk.
It was a lot of fun and was nice to finally meet Kellie in person. I took about 150 pictures, and I like around 15, so that is a good day for me.
Some things I realized:
1: I like my wide angle lens a lot, but this was not the right lens for today (70-300 VR, or 70-200 VR, would have been perfect)
2: Cloudy skies are nice for portraits as it make one giant softbox. Cloudy skies today just meant blown out skies.
3: I love my new strap, it was awesome.
4: I think it is finally time to upgrade my camera.....
5: Everyone we walked with was super nice. I think next year I will do it in Wilmington.
6: It is hard to force yourslef to use one lens with a SLR, but I think I did ok.
7: Can't wait for next year!


Kellie said...

Great to finally meet you, too, Casey. :) I am looking forward to seeing your pics you liked. I am working on mine now. There were several I threw out from the beginning, too. lol

SlapShotSal said...

Glad you had a good time and finally met Kellie after all this time. Although I sure thought you met at a hockey game.