Gillie and I returned yesterday from our week-long trip to NY. We had a great visit, although the week seemed to fly by and we didn't get to spend as much time with everyone as we would have liked (but that always happens when we go to NY!).

The trip to NY was uneventful. Gillie did great on the flights, and was happy to munch away on snacks, read some books, and play with the tray table. She was absolutely enthralled with the airplanes, so on our layover, we just found a place to hang out and watch the airplanes. The return trip was not as great. Gillie had a busy week, and was definitely over-tired by the time we left. She was a little fussy on the first flight, but did okay. Our second flight was delayed 2 hours, so we had to hang out in LaGuardia airport for about 3 1/2 hours. It was crowded, Gillie was tired, and we couldn't roam too far from our gate as they were continuously updating us on our flight status...so it wasn't much fun! We managed, though, and thankfully, Gillie fell asleep before we even left the runway! She was a tired girl! Of course, Gillie was super-excited to see Daddy at the airport!

Gillie & Nana in the play area at the Rochester airport:
Gillie "flying" the airplane:

While in NY, Gillie and I stayed with my mom and her husband (Nana & Grandad). They have a very nice house that is basically on top of a mountain in the middle of no-where! Gillie had a great time exploring their property. It was between 70 & 80 degrees each day, and only rained one day, so Gillie spent a lot of time outside! They also have two dogs, Patch & Killien, and Gillie absolutely adored them! Killien is a rather large & energetic Irish Setter, so I was a little worried about how Gillie would react to him, but she absolutely loved him!

Nana & Grandad's house:
View from the front porch:
Gillie relaxing in the hammock:
Helping Nana plant flowers:

We spent some time with Casey's parents (Grammie & Papa) and also Casey's sister & family. Gillie was so excited to see her Aunt Karlee, Uncle Jon & cousins (Katie & Tyler). Until a month ago, they lived across the street from us, and Gillie just adores them. It was great to see them.

Gillie combing Papa's hair:
Gillie with her cousins, Katie & Tyler (Ty was not happy to have to sit next to Gillie!):

We also spent some time with my friend, Christy. She has two children - Ryan, who is 3 1/2, and Rachel, who was born the day after Gillie. Gillie loved the day she spent playing at their house, as they have lots of tractors!

Ryan & Gillie inspecting some piece of farm equipment (Ryan would know the name!):
Gillie "driving" the tractor:
Riding the 4-wheeler:
Ryan taking Gillie for a ride:
Christy & Rachel:

Gillie was excited to see a real "neigh neigh" at Grandpa David's house! Her lovey is a horse (she calls it "neigh neigh"), and when she saw the real horses, she just kept saying "neigh neigh" over and over! Grandpa David made us mac & cheese for dinner one night - Gillie ate 3 helpings!!

Gillie & Grandpa David:

We had a barbecue at my mom's house one afternoon, which was really nice. We were also able to visit with some other family and friends. It was a great trip...wish we could've stayed a little longer, but we would have missed Casey too much! Gillie appears to be catching up on some sleep now that we are home...she slept until 8:45 this morning, and has been napping for 2 1/2 hours so far this afternoon.

Some more pictures:
Lots of shoes to try on:
We visited a little store that has holiday decorations all over the second floor. They insisted that we take a picture of Gillie sitting on the reindeer!
Exploring a nearby park with Nana & Grandad:


Nana said...

Where's the pic of Grandad on the monkey bars??? We had a great time with you, miss you terribly, and are already making plans for next year! Gillie, I promise you, next year we do the kayak, no matter what that mean old mommie of yours says.

Gavette's Blog said...

What if I say no :) I really think next year we want to get a cottage to stay at, then everyone can come to us for the week, and I can stay on the lake all day :)