I thought I would post a few pictures from our weekend. We had a great weekend, but it sure did go by quickly! After a week of non-stop rain, we decided we HAD to get Gillie out of the house on Saturday! It was still a little overcast that morning, so we decided on an indoor activity. We went to the mall, and took Gillie to Build-A-Bear. She chose to make a Christmas moose. It has lights on it's ears that actually light up when you squeeze his paw. She seemed to really enjoy making the moose. We did get to spend some time outside later on in the day, as the sun came out, and Gillie decided she didn't need a nap!

Today we went to the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. Our friends are season ticket holders, and they had extra tickets for today's game, which they shared with us (we have such nice friends!!). We were very excited to take Gillie to her first game, but weren't really sure how it would go. I honestly thought Casey would watch the game, while I walked around the arena with Gillie, and I really didn't think we would stay for the whole game, but Gillie loved it! She was dancing and clapping and cheering, and having a great time. She made it through 3 periods of hockey, over-time, and a shoot-out! We sat next to some very nice people, who thought Gillie was adorable (of course), and they just kept laughing at her. She would look at them, point to the ice, and say "hockey!" It was a lot of fun, and a good reminder of how lucky we are to have such a fun little girl. She really is great!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:
At home, snuggling with Daddy and Moose:

Hurricanes Game

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is casey taking a nap in this pic?