Anyone want to take a guess on what this is? I'll tell you what it is, it is my working furnace. You see what I got home, it wasn't working. I appeared that the fan was working but it was not igniting. It has an electronic ignitor, but something was wrong and it was not starting up. There is a little light on the circuit board that is a fault code indicator. Solid Red, everything is fine. When it flashes, something it wrong. It was flashing three times. I looked it up on the net and it was a code for the pressure switch being blocked. So went back up into the attic to see if I could fix it. Took the hose off the PS and made sure it was clear, then I put the hose back onto the fan housing and blew through the hose. Now you should not have any problems blowing through the hose, and I did. Found a small drill bit and reamed it out, put the hose back on and all was clear. Hooked both of the hoses up, and tried it. Fired up like normal, no problems at all. So relieved it was nothing major, and I was able to fix it. I don't think I really wanted to see the bill on this one if I had to call someone :)
So all is normal, and the internets saved me again....and Scott, and Jon...they helped too :)

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MIL said...

Now if only you could fix the clothes dryer without calling the repair man. hee hee What was it? $1.27?