Happy Mother's day, to all my Mom readers. Today was Heather's First Mother's day, and Gillian started it off by sleeping till 8:30, almost 12 hours :) Pretty good gift if you ask me. I got some IHOP to go for breakfast, I swear there were a thousand people waiting in that place. The rest of the day we hung out.
Some other Gifts Heather got were Tim McGraw concert tickets to next weekends show at Walnut Creek. I think she was happy about this, but I know she is sad that this will be the first time we have gone out by ourselves since Gillian was born. I think we will have fun.
Gillian got some Mommy Daughter Bracelets

Gillian and Karlee made a flower out of Gillian's foot print.
I am pretty sure this was her favorite gift, and why wouldn't it be. It is home made and they are the best gifts.

All in all I think Heather had a pretty good first Mother's day, but any day with Gillian is a good day :)




Kellie said...

Glad to see Heather had a great Mother's Day. :) Love the bracelets... they are beautiful.

That footprint flower will definitely be a keepsake for her. I love gifts like that. :)

SlapShotSal said...

Here is a hint for the footprint flower. Keep it away from the sunlight. I have a great one from Cassie, but after years in my office, the footprints are gone. :-(