05-24-2008, Part 2

Since Heather stole all my Thunder, I thought I would update with this post on what has been going on around the house too. (BTW, I did have to help her with the picture posting :) )

Sunday I got an early Father's Day gift. TomTom ONE XL GPS System. Best Buy had a really good price on this one, and it has a huge screen. I have always wanted one, but never really needed it, but it is very nice to have. Will be nice on the trip to NY this summer. Yes we have driven it a lot, but there always seems to be one turn that we miss....not anymore :)
On Wednesday, Nintendo shipped the new game, Wii Fit, for their Wii System. If you want to get off the couch yet stay home to exercise, then go get a Wii and this game. I had no idea it would be hard, but then again I am very out of shape.
Speaking of shape. Week two of the diet went pretty good. I did not lose as much weight, but I did not gain anything either. Not sure why I didn't lose that much, but I think total I am down 7-8 pounds. Well that is it for me, be sure if you haven't read today to scroll down for Heather's post.

This is a Pano I took of the incoming storm we had on Tues. It was pretty nasty around here, and this was shortly before it let loose.


Click on the image to go to a larger size in Flickr.

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