Run for the Fallen

I forgot to post this yesterday. This is from Heather's Brother Ian, and we would really appreciate it if you could have a look. (this is from his mass email he sent out) - Casey


If you believe you are receiving a mass email, you are correct. Admittedly, this is addressed to just about everyone in my email address book, but for good reason. An awesome event is kicking off next month, and you need to know more about it:

Check out Run for the Fallen at!

On June 14, a team of dedicated runners (led by the same nutty guy I cycled cross-country with four years ago) will embark on a summer long journey to commemorate US soldiers who have lost their lives in the current Iraqi conflict. This run is strictly non-political; its mission is to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. One mile will be run for each soldier, thereby creating a symbolic healing stitch across the United States.

Want to remember a family member or friend? Know others who have lost someone? Appreciate and respect those who serve? Just like to run and/or spread good cheer? There are lots of ways to help:

- Spread the word!
By simply passing on the website, you help increase involvement and healing!
- Run with the core team of runners!
You can join for an hour, a day, a week, a month, whatever! I am running June 14-22, if quality time with me sounds enticing.
- Donate!
Several associated charitable organizations are listed on the website, or feel free to choose one of your own.
- Organize a run of your own for August 24, 2008, the final day of Run for the Fallen.
Run in your hometown: start a mass movement, get some friends together, or just go for a jog yourself. Send your planned miles to
the website to remember those service men and women special to you. This is a great chance to say thanks to those who have

have been fortunate enough to come home as well.

- Questions?
Feel free to email me, or contact Run for the Fallen's Director, Jon Bellona, at!


Please forward this to people who you think would like to know about this event, or send them here to my site.
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