Ok, yet another video :) Aren't you glad I got this little camcorder? I know you are. :)

I picked up some software last night called Pinnacle Studio. So far so good. Looks like it uploads automatically to Yahoo Videos, so I will probably host all of these videos here.
Here is another video of Gillian and me. I don't post nearly enough images of her and me, so this is a good one.

Also, since my video skills.....let's just say they lack my normal quality, here are some pictures taken by me and by Heather.
"Who is that beautiful baby in the mirror?" :)


That is all for now. I have the day off today and am going to fight the heat and go to the zoo for a little while. While I love it when Heather and Gillian go places with me, I am looking forward to going by myself so I don't make them wait in the hot sun while I try to get "the shot". I am sure 10 min down the road I will miss them....it usually happens everyday I leave to go to work....

I will try and post later on this evening. The Crohn's walk is tomorrow night, so we will be gearing up to lose a few pounds on the 5k walk in 100 deg heat :)

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