This is what I was met by when I went to the zoo yesterday
I was the only one there when I came walking up on the Lions. They knew I was there as they were following me while I was moving around. I think they wanted to eat me.....

These guy were just trying to stay cool as it was very hot yesterday, and will most likely be hot all week here. After a little while, these two got up and moved to a shadier spot.
After I left the Lions I started to hear a lot of people coming, well not so much as people but middle school students :) These kids were more than annoying, yelling at the animals, yelling at each other, and just being well...annoying to me. They were everywhere, and I mean everywhere, and it seemed like the chaperons were clueless as to their behavior or just didn't care. It really got me upset. There I was trying to enjoy the animals to get pictures of them, and all these kids wanted was to see them "do something" Well the Zoo is not a circus, so they don't have to do anything. I could have stayed with the Lions all day because they seemed peaceful, and content to be where they were. It was just relaxing, and then the kids showed up and it turned to hell. Man I hope I was not like that age, and if I was I sincerly appologize. I saw one kid throw a stick as this guy,
I could not believe it! I was glad his Mom yelled at him, but wish she would have smacked him instead. How stupid do you have to be to trow a stick at an animal that is just trying to stay cool. Makes me sick. I hope that Heather and I can raise Gillian to be respectful of everyone and everything, so one day when she is at the zoo, or anyplace else with her friends, she will step up and say something if she knows it is wrong.
Ok, rant over here are some more pics.


So this trip, picture wise was much much better, and besides the kids causing me greif my whole trip, it was very relaxing when they did leave the exhibit and I was there by myself.
Here is some video I took while I was there.

Zoo Trip from Casey Gavette on Vimeo.

One last thing, or Crohn's walk is today at 5 PM. With the temps looking to be in the high 90's or even 100, we probably are not going to walk with Gillian. We just don't want her to be out in the heat for so long. More then likely we are going to go over, get our shirts and probably leave. It is just to hot to walk 5k. I wanted to thank everyone who had contributed to the walk this year and hopefully next year when we do it, it won't be as hot. :)


Abby said...

First off, let me say this: Your pictures are beautiful. I LOVE animals and I LOVE photography... You just brought two of my most favorite things together :0)

Also, about the kids... I totally understand what you're saying. I'm 24 years old and I work part-time at a home interiors store. Parents bring their kids in all the time and I constantly find myself asking: "SO, who is in charge of who, here?"

The kids may not be telling their parents what to do, but they might as well be because the behavior of the kids dictates the actions of the parents (and usually not for the better).

It's frustrating and it makes me resent the generation that those kids will become in the future.

SlapShotSal said...

Great pictures. You really captures some nice looks from the animals.

Glad to see you becoming more of a parent every day. It is amazing what you see other children doing. I think those parents stupidity, and us noticing, amke us even better parents.

Kellie said...

AWESOME shots, Casey. Glad you were able to have a nice day there at the Zoo... with the exception of the out of control kids. As a teacher I see it coming more and more each year. It is also my desire that Wesley and Mikayla NOT act like that. Some people think parenting is allowing their children to have free spirits and become their own person with no boundaries or rules. Little do they realize the boundaries and rules are what cause these kids to really become who they need to be as they get older. Sorry they aggravated you, though.

Morgan said...

Your zoo pictures are GREAT! I love that polar bear.....don't you know those lions are sayin' "c'mon camera boy, just come across that fence"