Sorry I have not posted in a few days. Work was very hectic last week and I was a little stressed. So I enjoyed the weekend with Heather and Gillian....speaking of that, what a great Father's Day I had. Heather and Gillie let me sleep in, and when I woke up I had a few cards to open. One of them contained a picture of Gillian in her Pats outfit sitting on my Jersey,
and an original piece of art that Gillian painted with Aunt Karlee.
Gillian Art
Both of them were great gifts.....but there was one little thing Gillian wanted me to have but was not able to go to the store to get, so she told me what it was, and were to get it, and off I went. I came home and was quite surprised where she had me go and what to get. She sent Daddy to Best Buy and had a nice new Red DS Lite waiting there for me to pick up ;) Yes the DS is nice, and both Heather and I will play it, but really the picture and artwork were great, and Gillian was the greatest gift I have ever gotten. I don't think anything can compare to that right now :)
So it was a very good day of just relaxing, and spending time with the family.
Here are some more pictures so my sister, who is on vacation, can get her fix :)






Don't forget that Run For the Fallen started on Saturday. Please click the link on the right for updates and just show your support. Heather's Brother is running with John for the week. Really neat thing these guys are doing.


SlapShotSal said...

Maybe it's me, but she looks happier out of the Patriot stuff. ;-)

Glad you had a real nice 1st Father's Day.

Catherine Murray said...

Awwwwwwwwwww *forever

I am Happy that you had an Awesome 1st Daddys Day!