So I thought I would break our trip down into separate posts instead of one big one. So the posts will be as follows:
Today- Gillian
Vietnam Memorial Wall
Run for the Fallen

I am not going to give dates to the others as I am not sure when I will post them. I will try to get them all this week. Keep in mind some of the photos of Gillian are going to have monuments in the background but I am not going to talk about them.

So the trip on Friday afternoon was pretty uneventful. Gillian as always was perfect in the car. She took a little nap and we stopped about 5 at a rest are to get some food for her. After she ate we got back into the car and finished up the trip. It took us about 5 hours to get to DC. Not long at all. Before we got to the hotel Heather's Mom called and told us there were no refrigerators in the rooms. Heather had called about that before we left and they said the rooms had them in there. So once I told the guy at the front desk we had requested one he said, "ok. They are $20 a night." I complained a little bit, but did not make a big stink about it since we needed it for Gillian's medacine, he asked me if it was for food or meds. I said meds, and he then said,"it is complementary." Cool I thought. He then said, "would you like to park in the parking garage?" I said yes. He said, "it is $16 per day." Guess I should have told him I was parking an ambulance :)
So after we checked in we parked, and took everything upstairs. Gillian's first, of I hope many, stays in a hotle room.
She seemed to like it :)
After a few min in the room the family showed up. I think all of the people took Gillian by surprise, as when Heather's Brother came in a scooped her up, which surprised us all, she started crying :) We of course all had a good laugh about that :)
Gillian slept great the first night, once we turned out all the lights....we are so getting a 2 room suite next time.... and woke up a little upset the next morning. I think she did not know where she was and it scared her a bit. Heather and I put her in our bed, and she smiled and looked back and forth at us, then drifter off to sleep for another hour or so. After that we all woke up, got dressed and went to breakfast.
After breakfast Heather's brother went running with the Run for the Fallen guys and said he would be back by 1. After he got back we went into DC to see the sights, which I will tell you all about...remember this post is about Gillian :) She was a trooper all day. Got to ride on her first subway, which I think she liked a lot. Thinking about it as I am writing this...I probably should have taken pictures...
We walked around for a few hours and all the time she never fussed because of the heat or being tired. I tell you she is the perfect baby.
She did take a little snooze during the walk. I think about this time all of us were lining up to see who was next in the stroller :)

Saturday night was pretty much the same, had some dinner, watched some of the race...I went down to the bar so i would not describe Gillian, but she was pretty much lights out as soon as we put her down, and then woke up the next morning to go to the race.
We got checked out of the hotel and went over to Arlington to see the finish of the race.
After the race we piled into the Jeep and headed for home. Gillian slept 3 hours in the car, and after she woke up she was still pretty happy.
All in all I can't say it enough on how lucky we are to have a baby like Gillian. She really is perfect for us.
So that is it for today, I will try to have something up tomorrow but I am not going to make any promises.


Kellie said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. :) Gillian looks like she did awesome!! Can't wait to see more pics!

SlapShotSal said...

Cassie was a good traveler also. She always seemed to enjoy the car as a baby.

Looks like the stroller is swallowing her. :-)