Ok, technically this is 11-01-2008 since is about 1am when I am writing this, but that is not important...what I am about to show you is perhaps the cutest baby costume ever! Course we all think Gillie is the cuteset baby ever, so having her in costume is the same. Are you ready?

I thought you were ready.... :)
Ok, since you asked so nice....

So once you stop going "awwwww" Let me tell you a little bit about this costume. My Mom made it, most of the head was hand sewn and the body was on the machine. Not really sure how long it took her to make it, but when I talked to her tonight, she said it was one of the funnest, is that a word, costume she has made in a long time. Thanks again mom, you are awesome! So we picked the elephant because we think Gillian likes them. She has them on her border in her room, and when she was younger she used to talk to it while getting changed. So we thought this would be perfect.
Here is a picture of the "kids", my niece, nephew, Gillian (man she looks huge) and the neighbor kid who we are great freinds with.

Pre tricker-treat shirt:

And some random picks from when we stopped up to the neighbors:

This is what my Brother in Law dressed up as:
What an amazing costume!!! (ok it is really Sam, my Sisters cat, but I had you going there...:) )

Speaking of my sister, she got some nasty food posing bug on Tues night. I think she is feeling better now, but Heather stayed home with Gillian on Wed, and Thurs, and I stayed home with her today. Let's hope she feels better and can watch Gillian again next week, cause I know my sister has missed Gillie, and Gillie has missed her. Today was the first day I spent all day by myslef with Gillie. Heather made me a list of feeding and nap times, and it worked out very well. She did give me some trouble when I was feeding her, but nothing to bad....let's just say I am not cut out to be a stay at home dad. :)
Ok, that is it, hope you enjoy the pics, and I need to go to bed...

Night, and good morning!


SlapShotSal said...

Great pictures, and what a great homemade costume. Can't beleive with the trunk and all that it comes from "scratch".

So how much candy did you eat?

Kellie said...

Awwwww... is right!! How adorable! (Just so you know from a teacher... "funnest" IS a word... lol) How sweet that your Mom made it as well. That is a keeper for sure.

Glad you enjoyed a day alone with Gillian. All Dad's need to do that every now and then, you know. lol :) Hope your sister is feeling better soon!

Morgan said...

I know I'm late with this post, but THAT costume is the cutest!!!! The photos are fantastic.