Wow a lot has gone on since my last post, I finished up Circuit City, I went to the midnight launch party for Gears of War 2(GoW2), I got an early release of the New Xbox Experience (NXE), and Gillian is moving around so much we had to baby proof some more. On top of all that, I am really busy at work, and it doesn't look like it is slowing down anytime soon.
So Wednesday was my last day for Circuit City. It was a good place to work, and the people there were very nice to work with. I was a little sad to leave, but my manager said as long as he is working there, I can come back anytime....might just do that next year to get a new TV :)
Thursday night I went to my local Gamestop for their midnight launch party for GoW2. Usually I don't go to these things, but they called Wed night and said they were going to have some developers come by to talk with us, and sign some autographs. The company that makes GoW is a company based in Cary Called Epic Games. The guys who came out from Epic were super nice, and talked to us about making games, and just gaminjg in general. It was fun, and I am still paying for it... They brought some autographed posters and comic books with them to raffle off. I won this one:
And they all stayed after 12 to sign the game covers:
That fist image was signed by most of the senior developers. I will probably get around to framing it soon, just to protect it.
Xbox 360 is going to be releasing a new dashboard in a few weeks, the NXE. Last week I signed up to be an early tester, but was not picked. So on Friday night there was an announcement by Major Nelson, the big man for Xbox Live, and said they were pushing another round of testers out on Sat afternoon. Well I got picked this round, sorry Sal... So far it has been a great update. Avatars, like the Wii has, smother animations on the dash. Things are grouped together better, and it is faster. The integration with Netflix alone, will make a lot of money for Netflix and Microsoft. Netflix has streaming capabilities if you are a subscriber, and now with the new update, you can stream movies through your Xbox into your living room. Now, right now the selection is not great, but from what I understand is that soon all of the netflix movies will be available for stream. Now how soon is soon?? No one really knows, but I will wait.

Ok enough about what is going one with me, let's get to some Gillie pictures :)
This girl is moving around so much and so fast, I think it is a good workout program for us... She is also getting to have her own personality more then before. It is pretty funny when Heather tells her no and Gillian yells back at her...I will let her do that for now... :) When I tell her no, I usually come after her, and she tries to run away, pretty funny kid...make daddy chase you...
She keeps getting bigger, and keeps talking more. Guess I will just show some pictures, and if Heather wants to share anything, she can post.

Today the Pats were on TV, and they won! So we all got dressed up in our Pats gear and watched football...well I watched football. Heather fell asleep on the couch, and Gillie took a nap...hmmm might be a Sunday ritual now... :)
Even Kona has her collar on, although it is tough to see. Taking a picture of a black dog on a dark blue couch is tough, but Karlee did a good job.
Gillian is ready to take Kona for a walk :)

Well that is it for me. Gillian just got up from a nap, and I am going to go spend time with her. Write later.


SlapShotSal said...

Obliviously, a family in need of new clothes. ;-)

BTW, did I mention that I no longer like you after getting signed GOW2 gear and early NXE. :-)

Maizrim said...

Awesome pictures of the baby, and I was wondering where you got the sweet GoW2 swag - saw the pictures on your Flickr page.

Btw, I'd love to get a beer with you and Sal when he gets back to town... though we may be moving further East before year end. :)