Whoa! Two posts in two days....that hasn't happened in a little while :) (you actually get three posts in two days since Heather snuck one in there on me :) )
Just a short video of Gillian eating "people" food....yeah like she is a dog or something.... :) Enjoy

Untitled from Casey Gavette on Vimeo.


SlapShotSal said...

Where's the steak. She has the teeth for it already. :-) Good to see that she seems to like different foods.

Man, I wish that video recorder was around 10 years ago.

Mojo said...

Yeah that's better than Emmett. He can pick up food, or rather slam his palm down on it and the food will get stuck to various phalangeal appendages, and then he puts said fist up to his mouth, and sometimes food drops in. He's not to chicken yet. I think this week is cottage cheese, but we got the ole' gag reflex on our first try. :)