Look what happened this evening....

Standing Up. from Casey Gavette on Vimeo.

Look out world.... :) and apparently metal bars...she likes to lick them. Yes she is going to be the kid from A Christmas Story who licks the flag pole and gets her tongue stuck. Ahh...my little girl :)



SlapShotSal said...

Woo Hoo, standing up! Just remember what goes up, also goes down, so lots of hugs and "that's OK, the mean floor grabbed you" will also be following.

And the licking..... Hope you have a stronger stomach then me with Cassie. Still get the shivers thinking about it. :-)

Morgan said...

Oh yeah, you'll love the first time she licks the WalMart cart handle or something else equally.....appetizing! : )

YAY, on standing!!! She has some gorgeous blue eyes. Can't wait to see her again....real soon, too!