Merry Christmas everyone! It's actually the day after Christmas, but I will be posting a few Christmas pictures today (this is Heather posting, by the way). We had a really great Christmas this year. There's nothing like having a child to help you really remember the "feeling" of Christmas. Gillie really had no clue as to what was going on, but we knew this Christmas was all the more special because we shared it with her.

We went to Casey's sister's house around 7am on Christmas morning to do presents there. Our niece and nephew were very excited to open all of their gifts. We had breakfast there, and then came back to our house around 9:30am to do a second round of gifts. Gillie was a little interested in the wrapping paper and did a pretty good job ripping it initially. About two packages in, she found a toy that made sounds/music and was pretty content to just keep playing with that. So, we had to help with the rest of the presents! We spent the rest of the day just hanging out with the family. Gillie alternated between a couple of naps and playing with the new toys. We had a very yummy Christmas dinner, as well. Papa (Casey's dad) got the game "The Price is Right" for the Wii, and Casey got "Scene It" for the Xbox. We played those games after dinner. Both games were a lot of fun.

I guess I will post a few pictures now. This was a really special Christmas for us, as it was Gillian's first. We hope that you and your families enjoyed and continue to enjoy each other throughout the holiday season. Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Morning

Gillie crawled right by the presents...

and went for the M&M's!

Grammie made Gillie a baby doll

A ball from cousin Katie

Gillie playing with a favorite new toy

Gillie on her rocking horse from Grandpa David


Geezer said...

What a wonderful little person. You must be very happy.

NANA said...

What an adorable outfit on an adorable little girl!!!

SlapShotSal said...

Thanks for the invite and hospitality on Christmas Day. It was much appreciated after our travels.

It was good to see all of you again, and to see Gillian for the first time.