Here is a picture of Gillian from the Skating Rink last night.
She loved watching all the people skate by, and was laughing and clapping at everyone. It was great....unlike last night....
Heather was up with Gillie most of the night. We were not sure what was going on with her. I have not been feeling great for a few days and thought I might have given it to Gillie. She was wheezing last night so Heather thought it best to take her to a Children Urgent Care that out pediatrician recommends for after hours. We too her today around 12, of course she seemed like nothing was wrong today, and they checked out her lungs, and looked at her ears. She was some fluid in her right ear, but not an infection, and her lungs sounded good. We got some ear drops to try out, and if it gets worse we are going to take her to her regular doctor. Hopefully tonight will be better for Gillian.


SlapShotSal said...

Hope Gillian is feeling better. Maybe I'll wait to return the tape measure until you are feeling better. ;-)

Uncle e said...

That's right little Bean, get ready for some ice hockey!