Yes I am going to try it again. One picture everyday for the year. These pictures might be duplicates of some Gillian pictures Heather and I share, or they might be something completely different. I really want to try this for two reasons. One I want to take more pictures, two I want them to be something different then Gillian. That is not saying I don't want to take pictures of Gillie anymore, cause I LOVE doing that. It is just this last year that seems like all I have done, again, nothing wrong with that, I just need to do more. I had thought about starting a new blog, but then thought I can use this one for double duty, and in hope that regular readers will like some of my "non" Gillie pictures and comment one them. Photo of the day will be formatted like above, X/365. General posts will be same as before, XX-XX-2009. So here we go with day 1.

This is a train Gillie got in her stocking for Christmas. She was putting it through the gate from the other side and trying to get it back again. It was pretty funny to watch her do this for a little bit.
(BTW not all photo in this little photo experiment will have a story, just ones worth telling)


Nana B said...

I recognize that train! Great shot Casey... you do beautiful work. The little stories are nice too. :)

Kellie said...

Love the DOF on that train.... cute shot! I will be tickled to see your shots each day!!!