Happy New Year! How strange to write 2009! Not a whole lot to report, but just thought I would do a quick update and post a few pictures. Casey's parents were here for Christmas and left Monday morning. We had a great visit with them. My mom arrived Saturday and left yesterday morning. It was also a great visit. It's amazing how quickly the visits go...we are always a little sad when our families leave. Even Kona gets sad - she misses the extra attention that she gets! It seems to be a little harder to say goodbye to family now that we have Gillie. She is just so amazing and we want to share all the little things she does with our family, and wish we could be together more. We are thankful for the time we do have together, though.

We ran errands and went to the mall yesterday. Gillie was a little trooper, as usual. Gillie went to bed at 7:30pm and Casey and I watched a few movies. We stayed up long enough to watch the ball drop and then went to bed. Pretty exciting New Year's Eve!:) Today we are taking down the Christmas tree and putting away all the decorations. Not fun, but I'll be glad to have my living room back to normal!

One funny Gillie story and then I'll post some pictures. We've always given Gillie lots of kisses, and lately we've been asking her to give kisses back, but she's never really done it. This morning, she was sitting on my lap, so I said "Give Mommy kisses" and puckered up my lips. She leaned in to my face and stuck her tongue out to "kiss" me. It was the cutest thing! She did it to Casey, too, but made a face afterwards...guess she didnt' like his scratchy mustache/beard!

Okay, here are some pictures. Casey, Gillian and I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!

Grammie & Gillie watching the Patriots game:

Patriots fans:

Gillie playing with a new toy from her friend Emma:

Wearing her Hanukkah bib (a gift from our friends):

Gillie playing with her "push" toy:

Gillie and Nana reading:

Nana kissing Gillie:

Gillie watching for Kona:


Kellie said...

Happy New Year to all of you as well! Those pictures of Gillian are too cute. :) Glad you all had a wonderful one. Steve and I actually didn't make it to the ball dropping this year. I think the past two weeks finally caught up with us! lol :)

Nana B said...

Hold on to your hats! By her first birthday Gillie will be running everywhere and kissing everyone! I sure miss you guys!