Yes I know I was suppose to tell everyone about the monuments of Washington DC that we saw, and I am working on that, but tonight I just had to show off Gillian's new hair doo.






So what do you think?

As many of the people who read this already know, I have started my part time gig at Circuit City. For the most part I enjoy it. My supervisor is a good guy, and so are the managers there. Course this could all be different once I start pulling my weight, but for right now everyone is decent. Although I am not sure if there is anyone working there that is over 25.... :)
So last night as you can see from my Twitter update, I made my first sale, as is first sale ever... and it was a Canon.... A Canon XS to be exact. All of my camera loyalties lie with Nikon, but I can not tell the people there that Canons are crap...ha ha j/k :) I tired to persuade them on the path of good, but the wife wanted live view, something that Nikon only offers in the D3, D700, and D300. All higher end models. The D90 which I believe is going to be available at the end of Sept, has Live view and it is suppose to be superb. Not a huge fan of the live view, but hey it was not me buying the camera, and I just did my best to help them out. The ended up walking out of the store spending close to $1000. Pretty cool for a first sale.
Apparently only after being there 2 days, I am the camera expert. I am cool with that, cause I love it, but I really need to read some stuff on the Enemies of Nikon :)


Kellie said...

Love Gillian's new hairdo. TOO CUTE. :)

Like I said earlier today... don't be knockin' my Canon. lol I feel "old" now with my Rebel XT. lol :) Did you feel like these people were going to know what to do with that camera, or were they just buying it because "it takes great pictures.....?" I find a lot of people I know have too much camera than what they really need. Make sense?

SlapShotSal said...

Those are date and prom night pictures, so keep them safe.

Camera snob! :-)

Feeling a bit old, are ya? Now you know what it's like for some of us that are older than you.